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Public Works

Vehicle & Equipment Leasing


Public works equipment and facilities are expensive.

Public works vehicles and equipment are assets with "useful lives" measured in years--which is why municipal leasing for public works equipment is the preferred method of acquiring these expensive capital assets. From dump trucks to wheel loaders, snow plows to sewer vacs, from salt sheds to a sludge treatment facility...and everything in between!

'Why Pay In Advance?
When you can "Pay As You Go?"  For occasional or even daily use--why drain this year's capital budget for public works equipment that will be giving reliable service for years to come?public works vehicle &  equipment municipal leasing, snow plows, snow & ice, road equipment leasing


Multiply your budget by 3, 4 or even 5 times!

Annual appropriations can be disbursed today, dollar-for-dollar, or can be “multiplied” by 3, 4 or 5 times when the EXACT SAME AMOUNT is allocated to municipal lease-to-own payments instead!  For example, a series of $100,000 annual appropriation may provide enough “buying power” to place $400-600,000 worth of new equipment into service, today! That’s budget leverage. Here’s How: All of the equipment is delivered today, your vendor is paid today and the repayment amounts are spread over multiple budget periods that you select. These leases have no residuals or “buyouts.” The federal, state, county or municipal entity owns the equipment from the day it is delivered. Further, the lease can be paid off in part, or in full, at the end of any fiscal period, or even re-financed at a future date (with grant dollars or bond proceeds, for example).

Public Works Leasing Matches "use" to budget dollars (tax receipts) 

Let us show you exactly how much new equipment you can aquire with your current budget.


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