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Fire Truck Leasing
EMS, Apparatus & Public Safety Leasing

Low Interest :ease Purchas Financing for new and used fire apparatus, fire trucks, fire fighter equipment & fire house construction / upgrades.  VERY LOW tax-exempt municipal rates, terms to 15+years for fire trucks, 20-25 years for fire stations!


Fire Departments ● Fire Districts ● Volunteer Fire Departments

fire engine leasing apparatus pumper aerial scba turn out bunkerWhat does your department do when..."there's no money in the budget?"
Most administrators have probably heard that expression, a few too many times lately.  Most government agencies have learned to  “live” year-to-year, appropriation-by-appropriation, grant-by-grant, with spending horizons that rarely cross over fiscal periods.


Why pay in advance for essential equipment ... that your department will be using for years, when you can "pay as you go?"

Fire Department, Fire Truck, Fire Apparatus Many government agencies are not familiar with HOW EASY IT IS for them to use LOW COST, tax-exempt, lease-to-own financing for everything from a fire truck to a new or remodeled fire houses or other essential new equipment; paying monthly, quarterly or annually as their current appropriations allow.

Spreading the cost over multiple budget periods.

"It’s either in the budget, or its not..." There IS another way!
In most government lease scenarios, funds come out of OPERATING accounts and are not “booked” as capital expenses, due in part to built-in non-appropriation language and on Federal transactions, the termination provisions.  Our lease-purchase financing does not create new “debt,” for accounting purposes.

Refinance your existing apparatus.
bulletLower your payments! Many departments are saddled with years old leases at rates that are well above current market rates.
bulletCash out accumulated equity in current apparatus to provide funds for new apparatus & equipment.
bulletUse the equity in apparatus obtained with grant funds to secure obligations for other new or used essential equipment.

Why Fire & EMS equipment leasing makes sense for your agency! [DOWNLOAD/PRINT]

Fire Apparatus & Equipment -- Lease Purchase Options for Your Department:

Fire Trucks New & Used Leasing Fire House - New & Renovations (10-25 Yrs!)
Emergency Response Vehicles Fire Turn Out Gear - Bunker Gear
Ambulance Leasing Fire Fighter Tools
Mobile Command Centers Heavy Rescue Equipment
Radios 2-Way Mobile & Hand Held Tankers & Water Tenders
Hazmat Equipment Pumpers
Decontamination Equipment / Trailers Aerial Ladders/Quints Trucks & Tractor Drawn
Brush Trucks Wildland Heavy Rescue Vehicles
Snorkels CAFS Compressed Air Foam Equipment
SCBA Self Contain Breathing Apparatus Fire Fighter Equipment
Cardiac Monitors Chief Command Vehicle
New & Used Fire Truck Leasing Fire Apparatus

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