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Factoring & A/R Financing

The Smart Alternative to Borrowing


Can't pay your bills, because your customers aren't paying you? 


If you're like many businesses you provide your services to your clients with terms like net 30, 60 or even 90 days.  And big & small customers alike--are all sitting on YOUR money!  Trucking outfits know this better than most; you can't run your business with IOU's from your customers!  And the same holds true for manufacturing, service and even temporary staffing companies.


That's your money!

We've got the tool.  Its a special type of business working capital that's not a loan, it is not from a bank and doesn't pile debt onto your balance sheet. Use it when YOU need it, bench it when you don't.  That's F L E X I B I L I T Y.  This tool is called "factoring," also known, "accounts receivable" financing.  And again its not some hard-to-get-approved-for loan and doesn't create new business debt.  In fact, it's not really dependent on your credit, but rather how strong your customer's credit is--whether in the end, they're going to make good on your invoice.  If they're good for it, we'll do the billing, back office work and the waiting--while putting your money into your today.


Here's What Factoring Is and How it Works.

Very simply, you have legitimate invoices from customers who are expected to pay, but much more slowly than you would prefer.  You sell you invoices to us and we'll initially advance at least 90% of the face value to you, in cash within 24 hours.  (after initial one-time setup) We'll then follow up with the customer for the balance due and when they pay us, we'll pay you the balance of the invoice, less a small fee.   You are a minimum of 90% cash flow positive as soon as your invoice to your customer is turned over to us for follow up.


Here's What Factoring Is and Why it Works.

Very simply, you have legitimate invoices from customers who are likely to pay, but much more slowly than you would prefer.  You simply sell your invoices to us, and


We'll advance 90% (or more) OF EVERY INVOICE TO YOU
within one business day


We'll then follow up with the billing and payment  processing on the invoices you've given us.   As they pay us, well pay you the balance, less a small fee.   You are 90% cash flow positive as soon as you invoice your customer.  The balance of each invoice is back in your account (less a small fee) as soon as the client pays the full invoice to us, for you.



Factoring: (accounts receivable financing)  Is the non-loan, way to access working capital and cash for your business.  The good news is that our program is not about your business credit, we're not scrutinizing your financials or your credit report.  Our primary credit consideration is YOUR CLIENTS' CREDIT.  They are the one's we will be relying on to pay your invoices.




"B2B" sales only, no business to consumer transactions considered.


Business must be selling on "terms."


Business must be billing in arrears. (i.e, no pre-funding/pre-billings)


No monthly sales minimums.


Accounts should be spread over a mix of customers. (i.e. no single customer accounts)


Your business should be capable of generating its own A/R and A/P aging reports.


No invoice minimums.

Ready to Go? Download The Application to Get Started Here:


IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT THIS PROGRAMThis kind of factoring is for any company engaged in B2B transactions that result in customers owing you money in the form of your invoices for goods & services. Although we will provide the back-office support, continue managing and billing you're unpaid invoices, we are not a collection agency.  We assist with "slow pays," we DO NOT cure "no pays."   We're here to speed up YOUR cash flow and put your money back into your business faster than it's probably is coming in now.  (We won't go after your client with aggressive collection techniques or take your non-paying client to court for you. That's not what we do)   If your customer defaults, we will expect you to make good on the advances we provided on that client's invoices.



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