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What  you need to do first:



Identify equipment that your business needs.


Select the most capable vendors.  First Capital does not sell anything, rather we purchase the exact equipment, that you need, from any reputable vendor of your choice.


You negotiate the best price, terms, delivery, training & service...for your business, from the vendor or your choice


4 steps for equipment leasingAfter you have selected the right equipment and the right vendor(s) to meet your needs, there are only four steps in the basic leasing process: 

1. Request A QuickQuoteFirst Capital will prepare a prompt, written QuickQuote on the specific equipment your vendor has proposed and email or fax it to you within minutes.  Every quote will detail several payment options and programs for your consideration.

2. Apply ([On-line], by [Fax] or by [Phone])  We'll approve your request & prepare the lease documents.  You can get a QuickLease pre-approval in 30 minutes or less!  The complete approval process, including documents, runs from 4 hours to 48 hours. (see Lease Types)

3. Take Delivery of  the equipment from your vendor.  (We'll arrange a suitable P.O. and/or payment terms with your vendors directly)

4. We Pay Your Vendor First Capital pays your vendor(s), in full and directly--when you tell us that the equipment has been received in good order.

1, 2, 3, 4...DONE!

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Lease End Options 
you will have one or more of the following end-of-lease options, depending on the lease type you have selected:


Take title to the equipment for a nominal fee, or  


Return the equipment with no further obligation, or


Purchase the equipment for its "fair market value," or 


Continue leasing the equipment at a reduced rate.

"OK," Give me an example...
How much would my monthly payment be?

There is a great deal more information on this site and we urge you to at least briefly review some of the other pages--we're sure there is information that may be of interest!


Attention Equipment Vendors: You may also wish to visit the Leasing Step-By-Step section for additional information about the "nuts & bolts" of the leasing process.

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